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Lake Murray Aesthetics  #1 Specialists at Comprehensive Beauty Care

Lake Murray Aesthetics is a medical aesthetic facility specializing in professional beauty care, using innovative equipment, best skin treating & caring products, and services of well-qualified certificated beauty specialists.  


We provide the broadest range of services to keep your skin shine healthy – from facial injection and anti-aging skin care to comprehensive treating for all skin types of all ages. 

Welcome to Lake Murray Aesthetics 


Lake Murray Aesthetics opened in October 2021 inside of Palmetto Spine and Pain to satisfy customer needs at high-quality medical aesthetic services. Human beauty is an invaluable resource and the basis of our good mood, well-being and self-confidence. Lake Murray Aesthetics helps preserve this and prolong the skin's youthfulness, offering gentle, professional care, available only in specialized beauty establishments Chapin SC.

A Little Bit About Our Founders


The founders are Stephen Stellfox, the owner and operator of Palmetto  Spine and Pain, and Amy Joyner, operator of Lake Murray Aesthetics. Amy Joyner is a FNP-C and specializes in medical aesthetic procedures of the face. Amy is in her 9th year of providing medical aesthetic procedures. 

Amy began her nursing career as a trauma ICU nurse in a level 1 trauma hospital in Columbia. Then she moved into a career in Aesthetics, working with one of the best plastic surgeons in Columbia for six years. Amy provided pre- and post-operative care to all plastic surgery patients ranging from facelifts, breast augmentation, tummy tucks, liposuction, and assisting with in-office procedures. She began her medical aesthetic training with a plastic surgeon, where she developed the fundamentals of aesthetics and began to dive deep into facial anatomy and structures. Since then, she has worked in one other medical spa where she developed advanced injecting skills and trained with advanced beauty care providers. Amy has attended multiple advanced trainings in the southeast to improve her techniques and advanced her skill level. Being trained by some of the highest skilled injectors worldwide enables her to provide Lake Murray Aesthetics clients with the newest, safest methods to yield the best results possible.

Delegate Your Skin Care to the Best Aesthetics Experts


All people are unique, so it's no surprise that the same beauty products work differently for everyone. Thus, the ability to ideally select a product and method based on individual needs is the hallmark of professional care. A well-experienced expert from Lake Murray Aesthetics develops a skin care plan only after a thorough examination of its requirements and characteristics. We select beauty tools and products individually, be it bestsellers at Chapin SC beauty salons or innovative techniques available exclusively for our customers.

We value our client relationships, so your journey begins with a complimentary consultation. Together, we create a customized anti-aging treatment plan which we will adapt to you during each beauty session.