VIP Neurotoxin Treatment – New Generation of Safe Skin Care

Anti-aging neurotoxin injections are a proven way to reduce wrinkles and restore skin youthfulness. It's especially true if you get it from qualified, well-experienced professionals who use high-quality beauty products. VIP neurotoxin treatment is absolutely safe and allows you to smooth out even the deepest wrinkles, restoring elasticity and freshness to the skin of any type & age.

Modern Neurotoxin Injections: Botox Cosmetic and Jeuveau


All our solutions, used in neurotoxin treatment program cases, ideally treat and prevent fine lines, deep furrows & wrinkles in the forehead, between the eyebrows, and around the eyes. These procedures typically take 30 minutes allowing you to get back to most normal activities immediately after. Our experts make neurotoxin injections into the muscle to prevent certain facial expressions that cause unwanted lines. 


The neurotoxins have many off-label uses, including the chin, neck, jawline slimming, and upper lip. All medicaments used have been studied in multiple clinical trials and are proven safe and effective. We also select doses for the neurotoxin treatment program individually, based on the mass and strength of the muscle in the area of concern.

Neurotoxin Effect & Results We Can Achieve

Notably, neurotoxin injections are ideal for treating profuse sweating or even bladder problems and migraines. Still, most often, this medication is used in cosmetology to reduce localized facial wrinkles. Neurotoxin treatment allows for painless and effective smoothening of mimic wrinkles caused by repetitive movements of the facial muscles, as well as fine lines & deep furrows around the lips.

Botox neurotoxin treatment program also helps us to:

  • reduce or remove old facial wrinkles from the forehead, lips, nose;
  • stop the wrinkles formation;
  • correct the lips shape, minimizing asymmetry;
  • smooth neck and décolleté wrinkles;
  • remove consequences of after various injuries, acne, skin furrows, or other defects;
  • correct the face contours, tightening up the sagging skin;
  • provide the skin with a youthful freshness.

The neurotoxin treatment program is the best alternative to plastic surgery, guaranteeing excellent results in the shortest possible time. You do not need long-term rehabilitation, and the visible neurotoxin effect will be noticeable after the first procedure. Modern neurotoxin medicaments are safe and reliable, and we carefully monitor the qualifications of our specialists. Try it and see that skin care and treatment can be simple and enjoyable with professional services Lake Murray Aesthetics!